About ValuePlus

ValuePlus is a one of a kind rewards programme offered by us to our loyal customers. You earn points whenever you purchase an item from medplusbeauty.com and can redeem them for valuable gifts at a deep discount to their MRP. Most gifts are available at one half or one third their actual price when redeemed using ValuePlus points resulting in enormous savings.

To start earning ValuePlus points, you need to create an account with medplusbeauty.com and start shopping. ValuePlus points will automatically accrue in your account. The number of points for each product that you purchase will be displayed along with the product.

For viewing the number of points in your account and redeeming gifts, you will need to log in medplusbeauty.com using your MedPlusBeauty.com username and password and manage your points. To redeem the ValuePlus gifts, please follow the instructions after logging.

The points you accrued will be displayed in your ValuePlus account as soon as your order is confirmed. The points will however be available for redemption only after delivery of the shipment is confirmed and personal details are verified. Typically it will take from 7-10 days for your ValuePlus points to be available for redemption.

We offer you outstanding value through our gifts that are carefully chosen and updated constantly. We pick things which we feel will be invaluable in your daily life. Our gifts change based on availability and trends. Please check our gallery of gifts for information on the currently available gifts and points required for redemption.

Since our gifts come to you at a significantly discounted price over the MRP of the gift item (For example: You can obtain a 20 inch rolley Suitcase worth Rs. 1750 for just 950 ValuePlus points, an effective discount of 35%), regardless of what gift you choose, you are guaranteed incredible value. In effect, this also means that your ValuePlus points are worth a lot more than their literal rupee value.

Please note that ValuePlus points can only be redeemed for gifts and not cash at this point of time. The value you derive from cashing ValuePlus points will in any case be significantly lower than gift redemption, since you will not be able to take advantage of the incredible discount on the gift item. The items that are available as gifts will cost you significantly more if you purchase outside.

You can also redeem gifts on this website if you are a MedPlus ValuePlus member. You will need to register as a new customer on medplusbeauty.com and email/mail us your MedPlus details.

Once verified, we will transfer your points to your online account so you can track your account and redeem gifts through the ValuePlus website. In the future, your MedPlus transactions will be automatically captured and you can track your account status online. However, this feature is currently unavailable.

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