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What is ValuePlus?
ValuePlus is a loyalty rewards programme from MedPlus. Customers that shop with MedPlus at any of its formats are eligible to participate.

How do I enroll in the ValuePlus programme?
If you are shopping at a physical MedPlus store like the pharmacy, our sales associate will record your personal details like name and contact number and assign you a MedPlus ID and automatically enroll you in ValuePlus. In case you do not have a MedPlus ID, please request our sales associate to create one for you.

If you are a customer of any MedPlus online store like, please register and create an online account to enroll in ValuePlus. Your userID and password will be the same as your ValuePlus userID and Password.

How do I earn ValuePlus Points?
If you are a MedPlus physical store customer, you can opt for ValuePlus points on every purchase instead of the cash discount. The ValuePlus points will provide a higher percentage of savings on your purchases than a cash discount. Usually up to 30% as opposed to the 10% or less cash discount.

If you are a MedPlus online store customer, you earn points based on the products you purchase and the number of points awarded for the product. The number of ValuePlus points awarded for each product are mentioned in the product details online.

How can I use ValuePlus Points?
ValuePlus points can be exchanged for attractive gifts at or at any of the MedPlus physical stores.

What kind of gifts are available in ValuePlus?
The gifts we offer in the ValuePlus programme are carefully selected to ensure high usefulness and tremendous value to our customers. The gifts come to you at a bargain compared to their actual market cost resulting in substantial savings on your purchases at MedPlus. The catalog of gifts can be found in our gift gallery. Be sure to check the gallery often as we constantly update the catalog as more value gifts become available.

Do ValuePlus points expire?
ValuePlus points have no expiration date and there is no limit to the number of points you can earn.

How can I obtain my ValuePlus points balance?
You can view your points by logging into your account here or at any of the online MedPlus stores like You can also obtain your points balance from any of our sales associates at a MedPlus physical store.

How can I redeem ValuePlus points for gifts?
Log into to your account, Go to gift gallery, select the gift you would like to redeem, add to bag and checkout. The gift will be shipped to your delivery address free of cost. You can only add a gift to the shopping bag if you have sufficient balance required to redeem the particular gift.
Alternatively, visit any of the MedPlus physical stores and make a request through our sales associates. They will assist you in the process of redeeming gifts.

How do I sign up for a new ValuePlus account on this website?
Please visit and create an account. You can use the same userID and password to log in to your account at this website.

I purchased products at but unable to see points in my account?
Please note that ValuePlus points accrue in your account once the order has been confirmed for a pre paid order and once the order has been delivered and cash collected for a COD order. The point become available for redemption approximately a week (7 days) after this date. If you are unable to view your points after this time, please contact out customer care.

I am a customer at MedPlus pharmacy store. How do I view my points here?
To view your points online, you have to create an online account at and providee your medplus ID during the registration process. Once verified by our customer service team, these two accounts will be merged. Once this is done, you will be able to view and redeem your points online.

I am a customer of Can I accrue points for my purchases at MedPlus physical stores on the same account?
Yes. Please have our sales associate create a MedPlus ID for you and forward your ID and medplusbeauty userID to our customer care. Once verified, all your purchases across MedPlus will reflect in the same account.

Can I use my ValuePlus points to purchase products from any of the MedPlus stores?
No, this option is currently unavailable.

Can I purchase the gifts if I don't have sufficient point balance?
No, this option is currently unavailable.

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